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Quik-X and Quik-X PRO Refractory Anchoring Systems

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Quik-X and Quik-X PRO Refractory Anchoring Systems

Quik-X and Quik-X PRO Refractory Anchoring Systems

Increase productivity and reinforce refractories against cracking with our innovative anchor systems, which can withstand extreme temperatures and are ideal for use in chemical plants, refineries and more.


Improve the safety, speed, strength and accuracy of your refractory work. BrandSafway’s Quik-X and Quik-X PRO are the best anchoring systems on the market today. Designed with versatility, productivity and durability in mind.

  • Faster installation with fewer welds
  • Only 16 anchors (welds) per square foot
  • Less metal in refractory lining
  • Materials sourced in the U.S.

Improved Strength

  • Durable independent cells and welded studs
  • Reinforces refractories against cracking
  • Improves ultimate unit stress up to 125,000 psi/weld

Increased Speed

  • 70% faster than other hex alternatives
  • Up to 10 times faster than traditional hex mesh
  • 44% fewer welds than other hex alt anchoring systems

More Versatility

  • Dual metallurgy anchors available — match stud to shell
  • Change layout designs with ease

Quik-X PRO: The NEWEST Evolution

The best anchoring system available now delivers even more flexibility. Quik-X PRO, provides all the advantages of Quik-X with three additional benefits:

  • Dual metallurgy anchors available – match anchor stud to shell
  • Compatible with various stud lengths and alloy types
  • Manufactured in the U.S. for faster delivery

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