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Cathodic Protection Services

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Cathodic Protection Services

Cathodic Protection Services

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, MATCOR’s corrosion experts, direct services and proprietary products meet the corrosion prevention needs of major infrastructure assets such as oil, gas and water pipelines, above-ground storage tanks, power plants, energy facilities, deep wells and steel-in-concrete structures.


Preventing corrosion and extending asset life

MATCOR, a BrandSafway company, delivers outstanding ROI with cathodic protection and AC mitigation products. MATCOR also provides a broad range of corrosion engineering, cathodic protection (CP) system installation expertise, field service, project management and AC mitigation services, including turnkey, specialty and custom corrosion engineering services for industrial applications and pipeline integrity management.

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MATCOR helps prevent corrosion, maintain safe and reliable operations, extend asset life and prevent devastating failures with its turnkey cathodic protection services.

  • CP consulting, design and installation
  • Maintenance of deep anode and conventional anode bed systems, under/interior tank CP systems and solar-powered CP systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Surveys: annual test point, AC/DC interference, leak detection, pipeline, GPS, DC VG, AC VG, depolarized, depth-of-cover, plant and refinery
  • DOT compliance management
  • Periodic rectifier repair and adjustment
  • Thermal electric generator maintenance
  • Test station and line marker repair
  • Full line of corrosion control products

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