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As the primary distributor of HAKI products in North America, AlumaSafway can help you safeguard assets or span large areas.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits


When you need to protect assets, equipment and structures or create a barrier from the weather, HAKITEC weather protection and containment systems are the ideal solution. Quick and easy to erect with modular components, HAKITEC 750 structures can be designed to cover large, wide, uninterrupted spans and fit almost any shape and size including pitched and polygonal structures.


Span large, wide areas with HAKISPAN 750 mobile or stationary platforms to deliver safe access while allowing facilities to remain open and in use. Unique lacing and bracing system saves time and money during installation and dismantle.

  • Ensure safety and productivity
  • Protect assets and equipment
  • Span large areas
  • Purchase or lease
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Modular components
  • Safe, easy assembly and dismantle


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