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BrandTech® Precision Welding

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BrandTech® Precision Welding

BrandTech® Precision Welding lets two people do the work of 16 stick welders

The data proves it. With BrandTech® Precision Welding, our computer-driven stud-welding technology, a two-person crew can complete more welds in a 12-hour shift than a 16-person crew using conventional techniques. That’s two people, 2,600 welds per shift and only a 0.5% error rate.


  • Easy-to-use touchpad control panel
  • Modular design
  • Easy to set up, rig and operate
  • Fully programmable
  • Total control of variables
  • Best available technology
  • Set all welding parameters with ease
  • Proven results for shop and field applications
  • Gun, computer and software identity parameters met
  • Operate one or two welding guns simultaneously
  • Manufactured in the United States with USA-made parts

Delivering greater value while reducing time and cost

“Increased speed can mean reduced quality and safety, but not with BrandTech. Our precision welder gives operators total control of welding variables, allowing them to weld onto existing thin plates, and the ability to reach into tight and congested areas without damaging existing structures.” – Eduardo Almeida, Director of Technology for Industrial Specialists by BrandSafway

  • Consistent quality
  • Better reach into tight and congested areas
  • Reduced amounts of hexavalent chromium and exposure risk
  • Higher productivity than conventional stick welding and/or current studs
  • Wide range of setting controls enable welding on existing thin plate
  • Weld on, around or behind tubes and other obstructions, reducing risk of damage
  • Can be used with unusual metals, such as Inconel 601, 1.25 Chromium and 253MA


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